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About us

Who is MU Nursing Outreach?

  • Nursing Outreach is the primary university-based provider of continuing nursing education in the state.
  • Nursing Outreach has over a 50-year history of state and/or national accreditation
  • Nursing Outreach is recognized as a leader in providing high quality and affordable lifelong learning opportunities for Missouri's registered nurses, regardless of their specialty, practice setting, academic preparation or geographic location.
  • Nursing Outreach stays on the leading edge by offering programs that reflect the latest research and a strong focus on evidence-based practice.


To promote the continuing competency of Missouri's nurses through relevant, responsive and reliable learning opportunities with a strong focus on incorporating the latest evidence into practice.

Nursing Outreach is in a privileged position to extend the educational resources of the School of Nursing to registered nurses in Missouri and beyond, given the land grant and research-intensive status of the University. Both alone, and in partnership with a number of organizations, Nursing Outreach provides face-to-face, Web-based and telecommunicated educational programs for nurses and other health-care professionals including social workers, dietitians, nursing home administrators, physicians, psychologists, health educators, school counselors, addictions counselors and health educators.

Evaluation of MU Nursing Outreach Educational Programs

Participants' overall ratings of MU Nursing Outreach's educatio nal programs are 1.1-1.4, using a 4 point scale with 1 being the highest.

Evaluation data are consistently very good to excellent in all areas, whether it be from participants, speakers or planning committee members. Participants attending MU Nursing Outreach's educational programs indicate the:

  • Content is relevant to their educational needs
  • Speakers are content experts as well as outstanding teachers
  • Programs meet the stated educational objectives
  • Contain a good blend of theory and application
  • Promote specific intentions to apply what they learned to their practice.

Participants rate the overall quality of their continuing education experience 1.1-1.4, using a 4 point scale with 1 being the highest.

Participants indicate they plan to change their clinical practices based on what they learned at Nursing Outreach educational programs. This is encouraging given the fact that intent to change behavior is a good predictor of actual behavioral change (Ajzen and Fishbein, 1980).

Approved with Distinction
Blue ribbonThe University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing achieved the highest level of approval, Approved with Distinction. This approval is granted to those APUs demonstrating superior processes and providing high-scoring sample activities. 10/1/16 to 10/1/19.

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