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MU Infection Control Train the Trainer Workshop for RNs in LTC


  • March 4
  • 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


  • Primaris
    200 N. Keene St.

Conference cost

  • Complimentary
    Register at no cost


Infection control and prevention in nursing homes is a hot topic from many perspectives - resident outcomes, cost and regulatory. Get ahead of the game with this complimentary educational program. CE certificate with approved contact hours will be awarded by the MU Sinclair School of Nursing.

Our goal is to recruit 20 LTCFs who want to Improve Infection Control Practices in their Nursing Home. We will teach the RN participants the latest evidence regarding the prevention, control, care and regulatory aspects of infections in LTC settings. This individual would then become the trainer for your home by teaching the frontline personnel the new information and how to apply it in resident care. As an integral part of the educational program, we would like to collect the incidence of three infections commonly found in nursing homes:

  • UTI, 2
  • Pneumonia
  • C-Diff at two different points
    • Prior to the training (February and March)
    • And about three months after the training (May and June).

All data will be confidential and results will be reported in the aggregate. No data will be linked to individual homes.

Benefits of participation

  • Free educational program targeting infection control and prevention in LTC.
  • Ready access to expert speakers the day of the training in the areas of infection control and prevention, resident care and regulatory matters.
  • Telephone and email access to a project faculty member after the training to discuss progress in your own home, barriers and potential ways to manage.
  • Free online resources including full length videotaped lectures by the same expert faculty who are providing the onsite training.
  • Customized short (5-15 min.) video clips appropriate for use with all levels and types of staff (direct care providers, laundry, dietary, social services, maintenance, etc.).

Our pledge to you

  • Provide a high quality, complimentary educational program with nursing CE credit from MU.
  • Ready access to a project faculty member after the training to assist in integrating what was learned in the onsite training into your daily operations.

Your responsibilities

  • Identify the RN representative from your home to attend the training. This person would then become our point of contact w/ your home (i.e., the “trainer”).
  • Provide release time for the trainer to attend the onsite training in Columbia.
  • Collect and submit infections data at two different points in time: before and after the live training.
  • Provide administrative and clinical support as the trainer takes the lead in disseminating the information from the live program and other learning resources in your nursing home.